Don’t Blame Me Podcast: From the Ashes of Adversity with Serena Mastin

Serena Mastin is a name you should remember. A beacon of resilience and strength, her story is one that exemplifies triumph over adversity.

Witness Protection to Executive Leadership

Mastin’s early years were nothing short of tumultuous. Placed in witness protection and shuffled through nine different foster homes, her childhood was filled with challenges most can’t even fathom. “Just learning about her and having conversations with her, you’re really going to want to listen,” says Connie Fife, the host of the podcast “Well, don’t blame me.”

The Struggle of Addiction and Homelessness

During her teenage years, Mastin battled addiction and homelessness, a path that many unfortunately don’t escape. But rather than becoming another statistic, she used her experiences to shape her future. “She was leading to teenage addiction and also wholusiness,” adds Fife.

A 20-Year Corporate Climb and Entrepreneurial Venture

Despite her early struggles, Mastin didn’t let her past define her. She dedicated more than two decades to climbing the corporate ladder before founding Pulse Marketing in 2013. The company has since become an award-winning marketing and advertising agency.

From Personal Tragedy to Purpose

Even with her professional accomplishments, Mastin faced unimaginable personal adversity, including a tumultuous marriage that ended in her husband’s suicide. Yet, she found her sense of purpose along this arduous journey. She recently penned a memoir that aims to empower others both personally and professionally. “Despite all of these challenges, she found a real sense of purpose along the way,” Fife points out.

A Passion for Helping Others

Mastin has always been passionate about helping others, particularly young adults aging out of foster care. “You know what, you’re worthy,” she tells them. Her mission stems from her own experiences, knowing first-hand how much of a difference a positive mentor can make.

Addressing Triggers and Trauma

When it comes to handling her own triggers related to her past, Mastin has developed coping mechanisms, one of which is journaling. She believes in facing and healing from your own trauma to prevent it from affecting your reactions. “Your body does keep score. It holds on to trauma,” she shares.

The Power of Resilience

Serena Mastin is more than just a survivor; she’s a testament to what can be achieved through resilience and authenticity. “I want to be a person that is good to people and is kind to people, but I’m not always kind to myself, and that’s the challenge,” she confesses. But it’s a challenge she’s willing to face, time and time again.

From the ashes of adversity, Serena Mastin has risen, not just for herself but for everyone who listens to her story. And it’s a story that deserves to be heard.

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