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People leave when you don’t take the lead

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Zachary Brewster, Sr. is an Author, Influential Speaker and HR Consultant. Zach is the author of “How to Get to the Other Side” Principles to Pursue Your Potential. This book was written to give people a clear guide to becoming the best version of themselves. Zach’s Ted Talk “People Are the Problem”, details the issues that many organizations face when they focus on Products, Processes and Profits but fail to focus on the People. Zach is the President and Chief Visionary Officer of The Bridge Builder, a firm that supports companies with Direct Placement, Staffing, Leadership Training, and Employee Engagement.

Sean Bennett has been a teacher for various organizations such as: The Seminar Center, Model Talent Universe, Back-stage, Actors Connection, and the Creative Acting Company. Spanning his two-decade career in the entertainment industry, Sean Bennett has had the privilege to work with Whoopi Goldberg, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ron Howard, Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell, the Village People, the cast of SNL, Joe Bastianich, Peyton & Eli Manning and even a former President of the United States.

Sean Bennett can teach any individual or group to go beyond wishful thinking while providing them with a proven action plan to challenge, change and create unstoppable results. Sean Bennett uses his personal experiences and stories of overcoming obstacles to form special connections to empower women, youth groups, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ communities.

Bennett is happy to customize his presentations to fit any occasion or objective. With his unique charm and brand of humor, Sean Bennett is committed to exceed expectations with valuable programs that engage, activate, empower, and transform his audiences.


In “How to Get to the Other Side,” follow Warren Nichols from a fun-seeking freshman at the College of Charleston to an insightful leader, spurred by a question from an eccentric professor, “How will you get to the other side?” Encountering Professor Humbert repeatedly, from a crosswalk encounter to a pivotal Public Speaking class, Nichols is challenged to answer this question through a speech. This journey explores the transformative questions facing many college students. Questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I headed in life?
  • What are my goals? and How will I achieve them?
  • What career and job are best suited for me?



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zach Brewster for over 10 years at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC.  Two words immediately describe his aggressive approach to business:  Service and Performance!  He’s on top of his game regarding communication and compliance.  He’s customer service-oriented, flexible, and focused on the right approach that yields success.  Zach Brewster designed a very competent onboarding process for BMW that solved our challenges.  His exceptional leadership skills empowered him to lead effectively across all organizational levels.  Accomplishing agreed-upon results matters to Zach Brewster.  His work is exquisite!  Once again, I am grateful for Zach Brewster‘s exceptional expertise and experience in ensuring the success of BMW Manufacturing’s staffing.  He’s all-around great!

                   –Sky Foster, retired Communications Manager, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC

Our company was interested in moving forward with some training and assistance based on our company’s commitment to enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the fabric of our corporate culture. Based on a referral, we connected with Zach Brewster. Zach’s response to our request was prompt and directed. Before giving us any suggestions or comments, he wanted research on who we were, what our core values are, and the background of any work or training we had done in the area of DEI. After his research reviewing our information, he suggested an in-person meeting to further understand our company and our goals. We advised Zach our initial interest was to have him present at a workshop for our employees. Zach then discussed with us his suggestions regarding an outline of how he would discuss and present the DEI topic. We scheduled him to come to our workshop. Prior to that he coordinated his slides, content, and other details with our team, so no one was surprised about his needs or his recommended presentation.

Zach presented for approximately 1 hour at our event. His content is exemplary. His knowledge in the field was clearly evident by what he was saying. Even more importantly, he knew his audience so his comments were spot on for our specific needs. He approaches DEI from a lens that is unlike any other professional I have worked with. He challenged us on our blind spots, he applauded us for the work we had done, and he gave us a call to action on the next steps.

Zach has an incredible command of his audience. Every one of our employees was attentive, engaged, and inquisitive. His presence was powerful. His messaging was thought provoking. You know a speaker is doing a great job when no one is staring at their cell phones – at our event all eyes were on Zack and his presentation. Also, there were many questions and much discussion after his remarks. I heard from many employees who said, while they considered themselves well versed in the DEI topic, Zach provided insights and an additional angle that they had never seen. They were thrilled that such a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker came to our company to discuss a very important topic. 

We are excited to continue to work with Zach about our next steps. He has been open to moving forward on our timetable and budget; and in line with our pulse of our employees and his personal feedback on where these next steps should go. Zach calls his work with companies a journey – we are thrilled that we allowed him to guide us then and now as we navigate and explore this journey.


                   — Rusty InfingerManager Internal Operations, P3-Group


  • SC School District -P3
  • BMW
  • Sealed Air
  • WH Trucking

Fun Facts

Zachary once auditioned for American Idol. 

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Greenville-Spartanburg or Charlotte NC

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