John 'Gucci' Foley.

John Folley

Former Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels, Keynote Speaker to Over
1,500 Organizations Worldwide, Stanford Fellow, Bestselling Author
and “Mindset Master”

‘Gucci’ has experience as a Blue Angel which allows him to provide invaluable insight into cultivating trust, leadership, and teamwork under challenging environments – something he has put to use by inspiring audiences to reach for their highest potential and sustain excellence through dynamic change. 

John employs the intense realities of his aviation career as a metaphor to inspire audiences worldwide.

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John’s Keynotes are set apart by:

Fearless Success: Beyond High Performance


With a bestselling book, Fearless Success: Beyond High Performance. Gucci writes what began as a pursuit of aviation mastery eventually became the pursuit of mastery itself.

Great teams and true masters of their abilities are extremely rare. This is a book about how those individuals and teams think, act, and achieve lives filled with extraordinary results. On this journey, Gucci examines the culture and the cadence that elite teams use to achieve excellence and sustain it under constant change. Uncovering the fundamental processes and the clear mindset needed to ignite extreme high performance. And finally, examine how the best of the best see things differently, and how that vision changes the world around you, allowing you to create your own destiny.

Noteworthy Achievements

In 2011, John founded the Glad To Be Here® Foundation, which he donates 10% of his speaking fees to charities around the world – impacting thousands globally, including sponsoring 47 children across 47 countries. It’s all part of his mission to cultivate a sense of purpose larger than self within organizations everywhere.

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