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Your Speaker School Should Be More Than Just Instruction. Speakonomics Speakers’ School is Your Ecosystem for Oratory Excellence. A Premier Institution with a Personalized Approach.

Speakonomics empowers individuals like you to master the art of public speaking. Move beyond disjointed training sessions and engage with a cohesive system of support that transforms your speaking skills – all in one place.


Speakonomics Speakers’ School is designed to transform individuals into iconic influencers, focusing on crafting a marketable personal brand. Led by experienced professionals like Connie Pheiff, the school offers tailored training for various needs – from aspiring influencers to experienced speakers. It emphasizes brand development, storytelling, and turning creative talents into thriving businesses.

Training includes enhancing influential clout, creating evergreen business strategies, and learning empathic storytelling. The school’s approach is hands-on, providing tools for effective message crafting and brand monetization. It caters to a diverse clientele, including athletes, entertainers, and corporate executives, aiming to improve emotional engagement, confidence, and career success.

Speakonomics offers a range of coaching options, including group and 1:1 sessions, and specialized programs like Liberty Live. The focus is on real-world application, providing guidance in securing speaking engagements and leveraging personal brand for business growth. The program promises tools for success, emphasizing personal responsibility in achieving goals.

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Becoming an Iconic Influencer begins with creating a brand that sells…

Speakonomics is your partner in developing outstanding public speaking skills for impactful presence on global platforms. We guide you to excellence in three straightforward steps!

Manage Relationships at Scale​

Cultivate Meaningful Connections

In the realm of public speaking, fostering a vast network of contacts is crucial. But how can you effectively nurture these relationships without a systematic approach? Speakers’ School equips you with strategies to manage and maintain meaningful connections across various platforms. From establishing initial contacts to maintaining long-term relationships, we ensure every interaction counts, making every audience member, event organizer, and industry professional feel valued.

Deliver a Mind-Blowing Mentor Experience​

Provide Exceptional Speaker Training

Impressing your audience is vital, but impressing those who can elevate your speaking career is even more crucial. We focus on making you not just a memorable speaker but a preferred choice for event planners and organizations. Our comprehensive training ensures you stand out, transitioning from occasional speaking engagements to being a sought-after orator.

Make Data-Driven Decisions​

Embrace Data-Informed Growth

Top speakers don’t leave their progress to chance; they make informed decisions based on data. At Speakers’ School, we help you understand and utilize data to refine your speaking style, content, and strategy. Don’t worry if data analysis seems daunting; we’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your growth as a speaker is both strategic and successful.

2024 Live Speakonomics Schedule

Becoming an Iconic Influencer starts by crafting a marketable brand. The foundation of a brand that resonates begins with your stage off-stage presence. Through our established & proven methodology, we guide you in recognizing and articulating your distinct value, enabling you to narrate your identity in a manner that positions you as a prominent influencer and brand personality.


Whether you’re an experienced pro seeking to elevate your influence or a business professional, aspiring influencer, or coach, this program is tailored to suit your needs. Our team delves deep into the development of your brand package, equipping you to secure opportunities that make you stand out, whether it’s through public appearances, speaking engagements, endorsements, or business meetings—all aimed at monetizing your brand.

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East Coast Liberty Live

Gettysburg, PA
Date: March 21-24
Location. Liberty Vail Resort Meetings & Events
78 Country Club Trail
Fairfield, PA 17320

Gettysburg, PA
Date: June 19-21, 2024
Location. Liberty Vail Resort Meetings & Events
78 Country Club Trail
Fairfield, PA 17320

Gettysburg, PA
Date: September TBD
Location. Liberty Vail Resort Meetings & Events
78 Country Club Trail
Fairfield, PA 17320

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West Coast Liberty Live


Los Angeles, CA

Date: TBD


Los Angeles, CA

Date: TBD


Los Angeles, CA

Date: TBD

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But Here's the Thing

You need a School. One School that runs your entire Business.
Speakers School does the heavy lifting. Here’s what we do for you.

Brand Ambassadorships

Brand Management

Review and work with you to create high quality marketing assets that exceed the industry standards

Speaking Engagements

Build Relationships

Nurture your audience with newsletter and automated campaigns.



Partner you with a booking agent who gets you booked and busy.

Finance & Legal

Generate contracts, collect monies and ensure you get paid your worth.

Data Driven

Data Driven

Stay current with the industry needs, standards, and risk management.

Welcome to Speakonomics

Years of Experience on Your Side

Gain insights from one of today’s foremost agency leaders, who is also a highly regarded professional speaker. She is eager to share with you the essential tools and strategies to help you secure speaking engagements and keep your schedule packed.

With a rich professional history spanning over three decades, Connie brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She’s not one to hold back, and she’s ready to guide you in everything from mastering the art of public speaking and storytelling to transforming your creative talents into a thriving business. Connie provides a variety of coaching options that can accommodate both your budget and schedule.

Connie Pheiff, MPA

Founder & Board Chair

Celebrity Business Manager and Queen Visionary of Talent Concierge® Artists Agency

From corporate CEO to Entrepreneur, building multiple businesses as she empowers ambitious entrepreneurs by creating space for fresh perspectives & offering new takes on business with a powerful step-by-step system focused on the new and the next, creating a solid business message with high ticket offers that fulfill a freedom lifestyle. She is turning celebrity brands into a scalable lifestyle business – creating million-dollar opportunities.

Connie Pheiff

Would you like to increase your exposure, get booked and busy, and get repeat speaking engagements?

Join the TCAA Platform Now

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Website Listing Only

Fee: $149.99 Set up,
plus $95/ monthly

Not quite ready to take the plunge into a full-fledged commitment, but eager to stay informed about the latest trends, opportunities, and insights within the industry. The TCAA platform has proven to be a beacon of inspiration for emerging talents, and we are confident that being listed on the TCAA website will open doors to new connections and possibilities.

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Speakonomics Live

Fee: $6,500 [3 pay - $2200]

What you will Learn

  • Day 1: 8 am to 4 pm EST
    The Business of Speaking
    Unlock the secret-sauce from a seasoned expert with more than two decades of invaluable experience in the
    dynamic realms of entertainment and public speaking.


  • Day 2: 8 am to 4 pm EST
    Your Stage off Stage is Undeniable
    Share the core principles of being undeniable in the entrepreneurial world. Explore techniques to stand out, build
    a unique brand, and project unwavering confidence.


  • Day 3: 8 am to 2 pm EST
    Your on Stage Presence
    We will work collaboratively to refine your message: you’ll receive expert feedback and deliver your message in
    the group – recorded as your takeaway to allow you to refer back as you become an undeniable force.


Special pricing for alumni of agency programs.
Includes meals, materials, real-world applications, experiential activities, and loads of breaks and surprises.
Talent is responsible for Travel & Lodging.

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The Full Shebang
VIP Package

Unlock Your Potential with the Ultimate Speakonomics Success Bundle!

Are you ready to elevate your speaking career to new heights and turn your passion into profit? Introducing our
exclusive Speaker’s Success Bundle – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! This all-in-one package is
designed to empower you, equip you with essential skills, and set you on the fast track to speaking success.
Website Listing ($1300 Value):
Speakers School Live Package ($6500 Value):
Coaching Package ($7500 Value):

An Unbelievable $12,500 for a $20,300 Value!
Seize this limited-time opportunity to invest in your future success for only $12,500. Yes, you heard it right – you’ll
be saving a whopping $7800 while gaining access to a treasure trove of resources that will catapult you to the top
of the speaking circuit, scale your business and achieve the ultimate influencer goals.

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Questions You Might Be Asking

Speakonomics is not just another public speaking training institute. We are a dedicated platform for nurturing and elevating speakers. Our focus is on you, the speaker, as the core of your brand.

Our unique approach starts with an in-depth assessment – a reality check of your current speaking skills and potential. We recognize that your personal brand is a promise embedded in every speech you deliver. From this foundation, we guide you through a tailored process to build and refine your speaking capabilities. This includes securing speaking opportunities, enhancing your public image, and offering various avenues to amplify your influence in the speaking realm. At Speakonomics, we’re committed to developing your evergreen skills for lasting impact in the world of public speaking.

Speakers’ School adopts a structured, four-phase approach: Discover, Diagnose, Design, and Deliver. Our journey together begins with a comprehensive Discovery session, focusing on your speaking goals and potential. This initial phase is led by experienced speaking coaches who help identify your strengths and areas for growth.

Before introducing you to public speaking opportunities, we engage in a thorough onboarding process. This phase is essential for aligning your skills with our high standards and ensuring a seamless integration into our network. The onboarding includes in-depth training and mentorship, preparing you for diverse speaking engagements. Each step is a crucial part of our commitment to providing an enriching and effective learning experience, ensuring every interaction with us adds value to your speaking journey.

Regarding the onboarding fees at Speakonomics, these include the creation of your marketing assets for media, press inquiries, and speaking engagements. Our founder, an expert in branding and marketing within the speaking industry, oversees this process. They will personally review your materials and coordinate their design and development with our Chief Community Officer.

Regular updates and refinements are crucial to develop a brand that stands out in the competitive field of public speaking. You have the option to utilize the services of the Speakers’ School’s in-house production team or to work with an external group of your choice. However, it’s important that the quality of work aligns with our high standards. Additionally, we offer a range of services including strategy development, publisher pitches, and promotion of specific campaigns, such as book launches or public speaking tours.

At Speakers’ School, the process and timeline before you start engaging in speaking engagements are focused on developing your speaking business and refining your high-value programs. We view public speaking as a strategic tool to attract and engage new clients or customers for your programs, aiming to generate significant results.

The initial stage involves gaining clarity on your personal brand, marketing materials, and core message. This development phase is thorough and detailed, typically estimated to take between 45 to 90 days. During this period, we collaborate closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your speaking profile is polished and effective, setting the stage for successful and impactful speaking engagements.

We work with our general population of clients to scale their earnings to over $20K+ per engagement. We have Talent with fees over six-figures. Many variables dictate the fees we get for our talent.

At Speakonomics, our acceptance criteria are based on high standards and a commitment to excellence. We maintain rigorous expectations from our students and speaking professionals. Our approach is straightforward and honest – if something doesn’t meet our standards, we address it directly. We prioritize maintaining the quality of our brand and the impact of our messaging, and this may involve making tough decisions. Only those who demonstrate the potential to meet and uphold these high standards are welcomed into our program. This ensures that our community is composed of dedicated and capable speakers who are committed to continuous improvement and excellence in public speaking.

At Speakers’ School, we employ a systematic evaluation process to uphold the high standards of our speakers and the professionals involved in event management. After each speaking engagement, we require our speakers to complete a detailed evaluation. Similarly, feedback is also gathered from event organizers and our internal talent acquisition team.

This dual-feedback mechanism is crucial for monitoring and ensuring the quality of our speakers’ performances and the overall effectiveness of the events. It helps us maintain our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our service – from the speaker’s delivery to the event’s execution. This continuous feedback loop is integral to sustaining our exceptional relationships with both our speakers and the event organizers, ensuring a consistently high level of satisfaction and professional growth.

Absolutely! Speakers’ School is keen to assist individuals who are at the beginning of their public speaking journey. If you have a budding brand and recognize the need for structured guidance and systems to rapidly grow your speaking skills and opportunities, we’re here to help.

You will be happy to know it is included. The MOT Boardroom is a virtual online programming resource where we showcase you and your high-ticket programs. We only make money when someone purchases your program through our portal- and then you receive 30% of the proceeds.

No, the fee must be paid by you. This allows us to do our best work for you. It also says you are fully committed to the process.

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. When you are partnered with a Teacher, they will work with you to nurture all past, present, and future relationships.

Yes, we do. We are always open to establishing partnerships with service providers to help you achieve your goals. We currently have relationships with publishing houses (traditional and hybrid), numerous speaker bureaus, and providers such as eSpeakers and All American Entertainment (AAE).

For the first 45 days, we will be working closely with you. Expect 2-3 hours per week. We will work as quickly as you allow us to set you up in our systems. Thereafter, we have weekly group mentor calls, open Zoom calls – Office Hours… each is an opportunity for you to ask questions as you continue to scale your business.

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