Meredith McNerney Joins Talent Concierge Artists Agency

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Keep calm and elevate your organization with Meredith McNerney. Acclaimed author, speaker, and leader of The Calmer Network comes to TCAA to ignite new passions in professionals by illuminating how to cultivate calm through connected relationships.

Meredith teaches the importance of choosing calm. As a cancer survivor, former principal, and doctoral student, she understands that individuals bring their “whole self” to work. Meredith draws on her own experiences to inspire clients to transform their thinking to become more trauma-focused and aware. She champions the balance of empathy and accountability to maximize team performance.

“Meredith McNerney’s inspiration is infectious as she works with educators and corporate executives. Representing Ms. McNerney will deliver immediate dividends to our clients. Her energy, passion, business experience, and leadership will continue to elevate our deliverables and accelerate our positive momentum as we head into the new year,” said Connie Pheiff, Founder and Chairman of the Board Talent Concierge Artists Agency.

As an empathy junkie, Meredith helps patrons understand how strain in and out of the office affects team performance and how to combat that strain by building strong and safe relationships at work.

“I chose to work with TCAA because they are the artist agency with heart. From custom training to hands-on coaching to the genuine commitment to my personal goals, I love the personal touch of this agency. Working with the TCCA team gives me the confidence to share my message globally,” said Meredith McNerney.

Talent Concierge eagerly welcomes Meredith McNerney and her leading insights on trauma and self-development.

Full press release available HERE.

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