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Fear and anger seem to dominate the headlines these days. I thought I would find out if there were something we could find out that could change that… a guy that had a word for everything.

Kevin E. West naturally found himself observing life and having a word come to mind, but if he expressed his thoughts, other people gave him an odd look. Yes, he understood seeing a lovely picture and calling it “beautiful” or seeing two people laughing and labeling it “joy.” But something was still missing for him. Kevin was seeking a larger appreciation of words and the spirit of their meaning in the context of life.

Suddenly, he began to live his life and view it as if he were the ‘fly on the wall.’ Today, he passes his perspective on to others in what he likes to call Kevin’s Dictionary.

He has a distinguished career as an actor, athlete, author, leader, and motivational speaker. He has written several books, including others in his Kevin’s dictionary series, and has appeared in television networks everywhere. He refers to his humble beginnings more like the movie, Deliverance.

But what is fascinating about him is his compassion to heal the wounds between the distrust of America. He is one of the strongest advocates to bring people together that I know.

Connie Pheiff Show - Kevin E West - The Cancel Culture

Today, I invited Kevin here to talk about his newest project, Cancel Culture.

This is Create Opportunities… A Podcast with Connie Pheiff, Changing the way people see the world.

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