Find a Speaker: Top 10 Insane Secrets to Booking the Best in 2024!

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There’s a timeless quote attributed often to Mark Twain, “It takes me three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” As you embark on your journey to find a speaker for your event, keep this nugget in mind. It may seem like a behind-the-scenes secret, but it’s really an open testament to the significance of preparation, introspection, and alignment before you move forward to finding that perfect speaker. But wait! But let’s not dash off ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the essential principles, shall we?

I. Starting Off: The Essential Principles to Find a Speaker

A. Your Event’s Vision: The Compass to Guide Your Speaker Hunt

The starting point is defining your event’s vision. This is your North Star, your guiding compass. Every element of your event, from the food to the venue and especially the speaker, should align with this vision. If your event is about technology, you wouldn’t find a speaker who’s an expert in 16th century art. That’s like trying to swim upstream, it just won’t work!

B. The Significance of Alignment: Matching the Event’s Theme with Speaker’s Expertise

Once your event’s vision is crystal clear, you’re headed in the right direction to find a speaker for an event. You’re not Looking for a Waldo in a crowd, you’re trying to pin down the right expert, with a matching set of skills, to connect with your audience and communicate your event’s purpose.

II. Reveal Number 1: Where to Begin the Quest to Find a Speaker for an Event

A. Connecting with Local Non-Profits and Business Groups: Unearthing Experts for Free

Voila! The next secret to find a speaker lies in your own local community. You can start by connecting with local non-profits and business groups. It’s like unearthing hidden treasure right in your own backyard. You will discover experts who deliver fresh, interesting keynote presentations at community meetings, as reported on Free Speaker bureau. You’re not just saving cost, but you’re getting quality along with it.

B. Benefits of Leveraging Free Speaker Bureau for Quality and Financial Efficiency

Leveraging offerings from the Free Speaker Bureau is like hitting two birds with one stone; you find a speaker under budget and that too of stunning quality. You can find an excellent motivational speaker, a compelling keynote speaker, or even a local expert within your budget – all without compromising on the quality of your event. It’s a win-win situation!

Category Description
Speaker Bureau Free Speaker Bureau is a tool that connects local non-profits, professional associations, and business groups with expert speakers who deliver keynote presentations at community meetings and events for free.
Resources for Discovering Speakers Resources for discovering industry- and topic-specific speakers include academic journals, news sites, bestseller lists, and blogs. LinkedIn profiles and Facebook Groups can also be valuable resources.
Pricing for Speakers Newbie speakers may charge between $500–$2,500 for a talk. Speakers who are establishing a brand might earn $5,000–$10,000 per talk, and those with multiple books and forms of ‘social proof’ may earn $10,000–$20,000 per talk.
Speaker Search Tool Engage AITM offers the industry’s best motivational speakers. It lists speakers who have a direct relationship with Engage, ensuring the best terms, rate, and response times.

III. Reveal Number 2: Unearth Hidden Gems from the Web to Find Speakers for Events

A. Decoding the Power of LinkedIn Profiles and Facebook Groups to Find the Right Fit

Social media is not just for posting your vacation pictures anymore. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups from your industry can serve you well on your quest to find speakers for events. LinkedIn can showcase credentials while Facebook groups can introduce you to a whole network of possibilities. It’s like rummaging through a gold mine of potential speakers to find the right fit.

B. How to Navigate Academic Journals, News Sites, Bestseller Lists, and Blogs for Niche-specific Speakers

After social media, your next stop should be academic journals, news websites, bestseller Lists, and blogs. You know what you need and with the right keywords, you can navigate these resources seamlessly to find the speaker best suited for your event.

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IV. Reveal Number 3: Price Matters – Unravel the Correct Approach to Looking for a Speaker

A. Understanding the Pricing Spectrum of Speakers: From Newbies to Established Figures

No one likes to talk about finances, but cut to the chase! Price is critical. To traverse through the pricing spectrum, understand that newbie speakers might earn $500–$2,500, establishing speakers $5,000–$10,000, and those with multiple books and social proof might draw $10,000–$20,000. It’s a sliding scale, like walking through a marketplace; you need to match your budget with the speaker’s worth.

B. How to Assess Speakers’ Worth and Get Value for Money

Getting value for money means matching the speaker’s cost with their professional accomplishments. Consider their work portfolio, presentation style, and audience engagement when looking for a speaker. It’s actually price-shopping, similar to grabbing the choicest fish on a free day at the fish market. Only, the bargain here is not just the price but the speaker’s potential to rock your event!

V. Reveal Number 4: It’s More Than Just Finding a Speaker

A. Why Emotional Resonance Between Speakers and Audience Matter

Your speaker needs to form an emotional bond with the audience. They should be able to carry your audience through highs and lows like a thrilling roller coaster ride that ends on a high note. It’s not just about their professional prowess; it’s also about how well they connect on an emotional level with your audience.

B. The Art of Matching Speaker Styles with Audience Preferences

Here’s some food for thought: find a speaker whose style resonates with your audience. Some speakers are like Martin Luther King Jr., compelling and profound. Others might reflect the dynamism of Tony Robbins, energetic and persuasive. Ensure your chosen speaker’s style matches with what your audience loves! Remember, the audience’s satisfaction is the real litmus test of your event’s success!

VI. Reveal Number 5: Exclusive Tools to Streamline Your Search for Speakers

A. Discover Engage AI: A One-Stop-Shop to Find Your Dream Speaker

Gearing up to fight the gauntlet challenge of finding the right speaker? Let’s ace it with Engage AI. Here, folks, is a tool that lives up to its name. Engage AI finds your perfect speaker, optimising every little detail; best terms, rates, and response times are now at your fingertips, akin to wielding a magic wand and watching the magic unfold.

B. How Engage AI Optimizes Speaker Search for Best Terms, Rates, and Response Times

Remember the days of dial-up internet? Finding a speaker without Engage AI is pretty much like that: slow, tedious, and extremely frustrating. This exclusive tool streamlines your search for speakers, sparing you from the agonizing whirlwind of calls, emails, and meetings.

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VII. Reveal Number 6: The Importance of ‘Social Proof’ in the Speaker World

A. Understanding the Impact of Published Works and Public Presence on Speaker Credibility

‘Social proof’ is the new buzzword in the speaker world. Multiple books, public presence, and recognisable branding all contribute to a speaker’s credibility. It’s like the speakers are walking their own talk, backing their oration skills with tangible proof.

B. Why Multiple Books and Recognizable Branding are Worth the Higher Price Tag

Imagine this! You have two cookies. One is from an unknown local bakery while the other is a freshly-baked chocolate chip from Subway. Which one would you buy? Correct, the Subway cookie because you know what it stands for! Similarly, speakers with multiple books and a recognizable brand are worth the higher price because of what they bring to the table.

VIII. Reveal Number 7: Timing and Availability – Key Factors in the Successful Booking of Speakers

A. Gauging the Best Time to Book a Speaker for Your Event

The circus in town books its performers well in advance. If you wish to find a speaker for your event, timing is crucial. Top speakers get booked quickly, so get a jump on your speaker hunt earlier than later.

B. How Anticipating Potential Scheduling Conflicts Can Streamline Your Booking Process

Keeping an eye on potential scheduling conflicts is essential. Nobody wants to play a game of chess where the queen is unavailable! Similar is the case when you’re hunting to find speakers for events. Do not overbook or double-book; accuracy and foresight win here, folks!

IX. Reveal Number 8, 9 and 10: Wrapping Up the Secrets to Choosing the Ideal Speaker

A. Recap on the Insane Secrets: Ensuring Optimal Success for Your Event

We’ve gone through a lot of ground, haven’t we? If it feels like we just ran a marathon, think again. Imbibing the secrets we discussed is comparably like walking up to a battleground with the right equipment. You’re prepared and you’re ready to book that speaker!

B. Applying Lessons: How to Streamline Your Future Speaker Searches

Review and learn from each speaker hunt. Record the hits and misses and use the learnings in your future searches. That’s how you turn knowledge into action!

X. The Final Encore: Empower Your Event with the Perfect Speaker

A. Lessons Learned: Internalizing the Secrets for Future Success

We’ve spilled out ten secrets here to help you find a speaker that’s perfect for your event. Internalize these secrets, learn how to adapt them, and voila, you’re set to find speakers for every event!

B. Turning Knowledge into Action: Your Next Steps After Mastering the Insane Secrets

Knowledge alone won’t get you the speakers your event deserves. Put these valuable lessons to good use and find speakers that fit your event like gloves. Let’s empower your event with the perfect speaker.

Finally, remember, the journey to find a speaker requires a delicate blend of strategy, preparation, and earnest effort. You’re no longer just looking for a speaker; you’re searching for a game-changer who can turn the tables in favor of your event! Now, go forth and find an amazing speaker for your event!

How to find a guest speaker for free?

Searching for a free guest speaker, eh? Oftentimes, local professionals, retired experts, or faculty members might be willing to speak gratis. College professors, industry veterans, heck, even passionate hobbyists might leap at the chance for a good yak about their field of expertise. Just ask around! You’d be surprised who might be game.

How do I find a corporate speaker?

Looking for a corporate speaker? Start by reaching out to speaker bureaus or talent agencies like ours, TCAA. You’ll want someone who’s got business chops, and agencies have access to a pool of polished professionals, primed to motivate and inspire your corporate crowd.

How much should you pay a speaker?

Well, speaking of speaker fees, they can vary enormously—like, from zero into the tens of thousands. Generally though, you should budget around $500 to $2,500 for a professional speaker. Of course, this’ll depend on factors like your event’s size, duration, and the speaker’s experience.

Where can I find a motivational speaker?

In need of some motivation? You can find rousing motivational speakers on speaker directories, talent agencies, or by recommendations. Brush up on plenty of reviews and get to know their style and delivery before making your decision.

How much would you pay a guest speaker?

For guest speakers, your pocketbook might be looking at a similar range to the typical speaker fee – figure $500 to $2,500, depending on the event and the speaker’s fame and experience.

How do I find a public speaker?

Hunting down a public speaker? You can start with professional speaking associations, speaker agencies like ours, or even LinkedIn. Do a bit of homework about their delivery style, and oh, don’t forget to check reviews!

How do I find a good guest speaker?

In the quest for a top-notch guest speaker, focus on matching the speaker’s topic to your audience’s interests, check out the speaker’s past performances, and make sure their style will light a fire under your crowd!

How much does it cost to get a public speaker?

It’s a little like asking how long a piece of string is, but on average, you should plan to stump up about $500 to $2,500 to get a public speaker for your event. Prices will scale up with the speaker’s reputation and subject matter expertise.

How much do companies pay for speakers?

Companies typically cough up anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand bucks for a speaker. It boils down to the speaker’s expertise, reputation, and the size and scale of the event.

What is it called when you pay a speaker?

When you pay a speaker, it’s typically referred to as a speaking fee or honorarium. It’s a token of appreciation and respectful compensation for their expertise and time.

What is a speaker fee called?

You’ve got it! The fee you hand over to a speaker is traditionally called an honorarium or speaker’s fee.

Do you pay guest speakers?

Oh, absolutely! While it’s not unheard of to find speakers willing to talk for free, it’s common practice to pay them an honorarium or speaking fee. After all, you’re kinda renting their brain and charisma!

What is the downside of motivational speakers?

Downsides of motivational speakers? Well, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes their messages might be too generic, detached from reality, or just fail to have a lasting impact. Good motivation should be rooted in practical, actionable advice.

Should I hire a motivational speaker?

Well, should you hire a motivational speaker? That depends on what you want to achieve. If you need to galvanize your team, inspire some fresh thinking, or break up the daily grind, then yes– it could be a sound investment.

What is a motivational speakers hourly rate?

For an hourly rate, motivational speakers usually go for anywhere between $200 to $5,000. But let’s not forget, this will depend heavily on their experience and reputation in the industry.

How do you call a guest speaker?

When it comes to calling up a guest speaker, snag their contact details from their website or agency, and then jump on the horn. In your voice message or conversation, be succinct and clear about your event details and expectations.

What can I do instead of a guest speaker?

If a guest speaker isn’t in the cards, why not try a panel discussion, a skills workshop, or interactive sessions? It’s all about driving dialogue and engagement that aligns with your event objectives.

Do you pay guest speakers?

As I said earlier, it’s fairly standard to pay guest speakers a fee, although you might luck out and find an expert willing to talk for free. Typically, it’s polite to cover their travel and accommodation expenses, too.

How much does it cost to get a public speaker?

Grabbing a public speaker can hit your wallet for anything between $500 to $2,500 on average, depending on factors like the fame of the speaker and the specifics of your event. Buckle up, prices can run higher for celebrity speakers!

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