TCAA and Arby’s: Speaking Up for Mental Health



In an era where the conversation around mental health is gaining unprecedented momentum, Talent Concierge Artists Agency (TCAA) takes the lead in orchestrating transformative initiatives. Partnering with Arby’s, particularly the diligent efforts of Ken Hannaman, Tammy Puharic, Steve Baker, Hillary Beadencup and the rest of the team in the Northeast Division, this collaboration marks a pioneering venture into mental health advocacy within the corporate sphere. Beyond mere brand alignment, this partnership is a testament to TCAA’s commitment to fostering well-being and dismantling the stigmas associated with mental health, setting a new benchmark for corporate responsibility.

Connie Pheiff: Orchestrating Impact through TCAA’s Vision

  • Connie Pheiff’s journey with Talent ConciergeArtists Agency (TCAA) transcends the conventional bounds of talent management; it’s a deep dive into the transformative power of advocacy and human connection. As the Founder and Board Chair of TCAA, Pheiff has harnessed the art of storytelling and the persuasive power of public speaking to champion mental health awareness and well-being.
  • Her approach isn’t just about curating talent; it’s about creating a platform for voices that ignite change, challenge norms, and inspire action towards a healthier, more empathetic society. Through her leadership, TCAA has become a beacon of hope and resilience, bridging the gap between corporate entities and the often-silenced conversations around mental health.
  • Pheiff’s initiatives have not only elevated the discourse on wellness but have also spotlighted the crucial role of creative expression in healing and advocacy. Her efforts have laid the groundwork for a movement that seeks to redefine the narrative around mental health, making it a centerpiece of corporate and community dialogue—a testament to her visionary impact.
Ken Hannaman
Aspect Detail
Organization Arby’s – Northeast Division
Sector Fast Food/Quick Service Restaurant
Head Ken Hannaman – Division Vice President
Partners Talent Concierge Artists Agency (TCAA)
Initiative Beyond Labels Mental Health Movement
Purpose To provide tools, services, and events promoting mental health awareness
Collaboration Began May 24, 2023
TCAA’s Role Facilitate the program’s delivery through creative talent and industry experts
Areas Covered by Division Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT)
Key Strategies
– Career enhancement opportunities
– Community engagement and support
Expected Outcomes – Enhanced mental health awareness and de-stigmatization
– Access to mental health and wellness resources
– Improvement of team member safety and well-being
Corporate Values Addressed – Making a Difference in communities
– Empowerment of employees and fostering growth
TCAA’s Research Impact Focus on mental health and wellness as vital components of organizational growth
Professional Speaker Engagement To provide in-person and virtual storytelling events addressing mental health
About TCAA Established in 2007; leading brand management/artists management agency
About Arby’s Established in 1964; world’s largest sandwich drive-thru brand with 3,500+ locations
Ken Hannaman’s Experience 10+ years at Arby’s, driving strategic Planning, team development, revenue growth, and operations improvement

Ken Hannaman: The Guiding Force Behind Arby’s Mental Health Mission

  • Ken Hannaman’s trajectory with Arby’s reflects more than just strategic growth; it’s a testament to nurturing the heart and soul of the workplace. As the Northeast Division Vice President, Hannaman’s advocacy for a happier workforce has become a defining chapter of the Arby’s journey.
  • More than just a guardian of operations, Hannaman’s implemented policies and strategies aim squarely at bolstering employee well-being—a crusade for the mind’s sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places: the fast-food counter.
  • The waves of change Hannaman’s initiatives have set in motion at Arby’s are palpable. Reports of increased morale and operational efficiency paint a vivid picture of a workforce touched by compassion and understanding—a true yardstick of his impact.

Tammy Puharic: Championing Self-Care in the Fast Lane

  • Tammy Puharic stands as a beacon of balance and self-awareness in her role as Regional Vice President at Arby’s. With a commendable tenure of 26 years, she embodies the ethos of resilience and perseverance in a high-paced environment. Beyond her operational excellence, Puharic prioritizes mental well-being, advocating for self-care as a vital component of professional success.
  • Her personal commitment to well-being, demonstrated through regular brisk walks, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of physical health in maintaining mental clarity. This practice not only energizes her body but also offers a moment of peace and reflection amidst the demands of her role.
  • Puharic’s approach to mental health is a holistic one, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between physical activity and mental well-being. Her advocacy extends to her team, encouraging a culture where self-care is not just recommended but celebrated. Through her leadership, she inspires both peers and subordinates to embrace well-being as a cornerstone of personal and professional growth, reinforcing the idea that taking care of oneself is the first step toward taking care of others.

Steve Baker: Fostering Team Spirit and Resilience at Arby’s

  • Steve Baker excels as District Manager at Arby’s by nurturing a supportive workplace. His 16+ years at Arby’s highlight his commitment to team cohesion and mental resilience. Baker emphasizes mental health and personal growth, fostering an environment where employees feel valued. His efforts have boosted morale and productivity, showcasing the power of empathetic leadership.

Hillary Beadencup: Pioneering Mental Wellness Initiatives at Arby’s

  • Hillary Beadencup champions mental wellness as District Manager at Arby’s. She has introduced mindfulness and stress management workshops, emphasizing a team-focused approach to mental health. Her initiatives have improved employee satisfaction and retention, demonstrating the positive business impact of prioritizing employee well-being.
Inspire Brands

Inspire Brands’ Approach to Mental Health: Setting Industry Standards

  • Inspire Brands, the powerhouse behind Arby’s, embraces a culture that could ignite industry-wide transformation. Its imprint on Arby’s mental health agenda is unmistakable—a blueprint for a healthier, more connected enterprise.
  • An intricate tapestry of Inspire Brands’ comprehensive mental health schema weaves into every corner of its subsidiaries, including Arby’s. There’s a discernable richness in how the subsidiary’s policies animate earnest mental health conversations throughout the industry.
  • The fast-food sector, historically silent on such matters, is now witnessing a dialogue revolution, thanks to Inspire Brands’ trailblazing efforts, embedding empathy in every transaction.

Arby’s Integrated Mental Health Support System: Empowering Employees

  • A magnifying glass to Arby’s mental health resources reveals a robust network of support—accessible, attentive, and affirming elements that prove essential for an empowered team.
  • Compelling case studies highlight the fruits of Arby’s endeavors—employees standing taller, speaking louder, and finding harmony in their roles thanks to these pivotal support systems.
  • A comparative lens shows Arby’s outshining peers, setting a new precedent where an ear for mental health concerns is just as vital as a hand in day-to-day operations.

Long-Term Benefits: Arby’s Investment in Mental Health and Its Ripple Effects

  • Linking mental health initiatives to workplace output isn’t fanciful; it’s factual. Arby’s cultivation of mental wellness translates to undeniable spikes in productivity and unwavering brand allegiance—a symbiosis benefiting all.
  • Each success story emerging from Arby’s corridors builds a powerful narrative, underlining the profound potency of an organization deeply invested in its people’s mental landscapes.
  • Speculatively speaking, Arby’s could well be planting seeds that might just blossom across the entire fast-food vista, reshaping consumer expectations and employee experiences alike.

Challenges and Milestones: A Realistic Look at Arby’s Path to Mental Health Empowerment

  • Arby’s trek towards integrating mental health hasn’t been without its crags and crevices. They’ve navigated the complexities with steadfast resolve, charting a course for others to follow.
  • Each milestone notches a victory not just for Arby’s, but for humanizing corporate America—a chronicle of courage and conviction in prioritizing mental well-being.
  • Arby’s offers a treasure trove of wisdom for aspirant companies, proving that investing in mental health is less a gamble and more a guarantee for enriched corporate culture.

Arby’s and Ken Hannaman: Evaluating the Cultural Shift in Mental Health Discourse

  • The winds of change are evident in the halls of Arby’s, where mental wellness measures have instilled a newfound vibrancy, with Ken Hannaman’s philosophies at the cornerstone.
  • Hannaman’s fingerprints on the mental health narrative within Arby’s and Inspire Brands are as indelible as they are inspirational—raising more than just awareness, but aspirations.
  • Peering into the fast-food industry’s horizon, one might predict a future where mental health consciousness is as standard as the uniforms and menus of its establishments.

Leveraging Mental Health Awareness: Arby’s Next Steps

  • The road ahead for Arby’s mental health journey is hued with ambition. Planned endeavors built on the framework set by Ken Hannaman signify an unwavering commitment to advancing wellbeing.
  • Forthcoming collaborations and programs, sketched out by visionary leaders like Hannaman, promise to raise the bar, drawing the collective gaze of industries far and wide.
  • The seismic potential of Arby’s steadfast mission may just reverberate across the corporate spectrum, beckoning an era where mental health occupies the golden throne of workplace values.

Nourishing the Mind: Arby’s and Its Vision for a Healthier Future

In the grand tapestry of corporate narratives, Arby’s stands out with vibrant threads of compassion and mindfulness. Under Ken Hannaman’s stewardship, the company paints a picture of a future where employees are not mere cogs in a machine, but valued individuals, entitled to nourishment of the mind and spirit. The partnership with Talent Concierge Artists Agency furthers this vision, weaving inspirational speech into the fabric of their mission, igniting minds with the flame of purpose—a flame kindled by the powerful words of those like Jairek Robbins and Fredrick Lee. This alliance embodies a deep understanding that our greatest resource is the human spirit, and when we tend to its needs, the rewards are boundless. Arby’s, with a menu of care and connection, inviting the world to a feast where mental health is the main course, sends a resounding message: in the pursuit of excellence, never forget the power of a sound mind.

Elevating Minds with Arby’s Support

Did you know that Arby’s isn’t just about creating scrumptious sandwiches? Oh no, they’re diving much deeper, boosting morale and fostering well-being with a surprising side of mental health advocacy. As if whispering one of those short famous Speeches, we’ve all heard about, Arby’s isn’t just serving meals; they’re serving inspiration on a platter!

So, guess what? Every bit as juicy as their famous roast beef, Arby’s commitment to mental health support would give any of The best motivational Speeches Of all times a run for their money. Imagine that! A quick lunch break at Arby’s could unexpectedly turn into an empowering moment, launching someone’s afternoon with the same vigor as those Speeches about life that leave us yearning to conquer our personal mountains.

Tidbits That’ll Have You Saying, “I’m Thinking Arby’s!”

Hey, don’t just take my word for it; consider the facts. Arby’s initiatives are the corporate equivalent of short motivational Speeches, delivering powerful messages in bite-sized, easily digestible portions. It’s kinda like finding that unexpected curly fry in your regular order – a small surprise that can lift your spirits sky high! Far from a typical fast-food joint, Arby’s is crafting a recipe for resilience, one curly fry and one conversation at a time.

And while you’re chowing down on your Beef ‘n Cheddar, might I say, you’re also chewing on some food for thought. Perhaps it’s not the mental health pledge alone that should get all the credit; maybe it’s the way Arby’s weaves compassionate care into their day-to-day operations, doing their bit to sprinkle a little more happiness across the globe. How’s that for a side of goodwill with your meal?

What is Arbys

Who does Arby’s donate to?

Arby’s is committed to making a difference in the communities they serve, and their donations reflect this. They engage in various philanthropic activities, including donating to organizations that support the fight against childhood hunger, and they are also involved in initiatives aimed at career development and community involvement through the Arby’s Foundation.

What is the slogan for Arby’s?

“We Have The Meats” is the widely recognized slogan that Arby’s uses to emphasize their focus on providing a variety of meat-heavy sandwiches, showcasing their unique offerings in the fast-food industry.

What are Arby’s values?

The values that drive Arby’s revolve around dream big, work hard, get it done, play fair, have fun, and make a difference. These principles guide their operations and the company culture, ensuring that they provide high-quality service while fostering an environment of respect and support for their team and the wider community.

Where was the first Arby’s opened?

Arby’s first location opened in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio. Founders Forrest and Leroy Raffel opened this first restaurant serving up fast-service, quality meats in sandwiches, setting the standard for what the brand would become.

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