Joel Green

Joel Green

Face of Cheerz-It's for Celebrity Crunch Classic

In 2017, Joel Green became the face of Cheerz-It crackers, Pringles Chips, Famous Amos & Rice Crispy Treats for their annual Celebrity Crunch Classic.

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Joel Green
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Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

3 Essentials for Equality 

  1. Three steps to help eradicate the inequalities
  2. How to improve the onboarding process for police officers
  3. Ways to bridge the gap between officers and the communities they serve

Designing Your Destination 

  1. Steps that would help you alleviate the fear of failing.
  2. Tools to use to get beyond the inevitable challenges
  3. Getting over the hurdles you will face before getting to your desired destination.
  4. Blueprint for Filtering those obstacles and propelling yourself further. Achieve successive success despite trials.

Joel Green Bio

Joel Green is a native of Philadelphia, PA, and graduate of Rider University. He attained an honors degree in Psychology while playing Division 1 basketball. He’s been fortunate to travel the world and play professionally, even enjoyed a few months of training with the 76ers. Since, he’s become CEO of Pro Level Training LLC, and holds the honor of being a National Director for NIKE Sports Camps. In recent years, Joel’s been featured in commercials, a TV show, and has been the face of Cheez-It’s. He has become an accomplished speaker, now helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Green’s specialty is inspiring audiences and individuals by way of speaking and providing unique perspectives. Although he is retired from playing professional basketball, he still has a love of the game. This allows him to play in celebrity and charity basketball games.

Joel Green

Joel Green Will Challenge Your Audience…

Your attendees will receive not only inspiration from Green’s talks but also conviction to step outside of your comfort zones. He will ask thought provoking questions throughout his presentation that prompts self-critique and self-leadership. This will also give them immediate actionable solutions.

Notable Speaking Engagements

TED / TEDx, Montclair State University, Entrepreneur Enclave, West Windsor School District, Royalty Mission Network, Swift Podcast, Freestyle with Djenaba

Fun Facts

For fun, Green sets goals to read a certain number of books and always exceeds his goal.

Travels From

New Jersey


New & Emerging Trends, Personal Development, Performance
Updated: March 28, 2022

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JOEL GREEN is an Entertaining Storyteller… a celebrity athlete who will have your audience thanking you for making a wise choice to have Joel Green take center stage. He is available for public appearances, master of ceremonies, autograph signings, keynote speaker, and endorsement campaigns.

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