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Your Talent Agency Should Be More Than A Glorified Administrator.
Talent Concierge® Artists Agency Is Your Concierge Ecosystem. A Powerhouse Agency With A Personalized Touch.

TCAA empowers Talent like you to take complete control over your gig business. Ditch the countless speaker bureaus that don’t work together and work with a Concierge of support that will transform your gig business- all in one place.

Let's Not Overcomplicate This

TCAA is your partner who accelerates business for World-Class Talent that shows up to entertain and educate through global platforms.
You know where you want to go… we get you there in 3 easy steps!

Manage Relationships at Scale​

Manage Relationships at Scale​

You will develop hundreds, if not thousands, of relationships as you grow your gig business. How can you expect to sell, track, and maintain each of them without a management system to help you do it?

You need a team to sell, track, and maintain every interaction across every platform, create follow-ups, close the deal, manage your contracts from slipping through the cracks and make every engagement- every opportunity- every promoter, meeting planner, and corporate executive feel special.

Deliver a Mind-Blowing Mentor Experience​

Deliver a Mind-Blowing Mentor Experience​

As important as it is to blow your audience’s mind, it’s more important to blow the mind of the decision-makers. This makes you easy to work with, differentiates you, and will help you go from a one-off gig to a one-stop- Talent when you are booked and busy.

TCAA systems make this seamless for you.

Make Data-Driven Decisions​

Make Data-Driven Decisions​

The most successful Talent in this business doesn’t make decisions with their gut. They work with a team that provides data to determine what’s working and what’s not to make informed decisions that will grow their business.

If you’re intimidated by this idea, not to worry, we will take care of this for you.

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But Here's the Thing

You need a Concierge. One Agency that runs your entire Business.
TCAA does the heavy lifting. Here’s what we do for you.

Brand Ambassadorships

Brand Management

Review and work with you to create high quality marketing assets that exceed the industry standards

Speaking Engagements

Build Relationships

Nurture your audience with newsletter and automated campaigns.



Partner you with a booking agent who gets you booked and busy.

Finance & Legal

Generate contracts, collect monies and ensure you get paid your worth.

Data Driven

Data Driven

Stay current with the industry needs, standards, and risk management.

Welcome to Talent Concierge® Artists Agency

You will have a community of mentors and accounts managers to help you run your business.

Connie Pheiff, MPA

Founder & Board Chair

Celebrity Business Manager and Queen Visionary of Talent Concierge® Artists Agency

From corporate CEO to Entrepreneur, building multiple businesses as she empowers ambitious entrepreneurs by creating space for fresh perspectives & offering new takes on business with a powerful step-by-step system focused on the new and the next, creating a solid business message with high ticket offers that fulfill a freedom lifestyle. She is turning celebrity brands into a scalable lifestyle business – creating million-dollar opportunities.

Jeff Pheiff, MBA


Talent Concierge’s CEO and behind-the-scenes strategic genius, Jeff is a seasoned executive who brings his considerable business experience and know-how to TCAA’s operations. An Eagle Scout and Six-Sigma certified MBA, Jeff knows the business world inside and out and applies his experience and insight to anticipate and fulfill our corporate clients’ needs.

Jeff is dedicated to optimizing leadership, promoting success, and cultivating relationships; his sharp business acumen and commitment to excellence contribute immensely to the success of the TCAA organization.

How We Guarantee Your Success


Plug into a community of like-minded experts to learn best practices and get your questions answered.


Your business is unique, and our hands-on guidance is tailored for you to achieve your success goals.


Through collaboration with fellow Success Seekers and High Achievers, you increase your brand to a new level of success.

Plus, you are partnered with a trained Booking Agent who will get you booked and busy

Don’t allow yourself to be just another Speaker building a gig business. Become a highly engaged Talent working with an agency that provides a personalized approach to scale your gig business across multiple disciplines.
(TV, radio, social media, stages, platforms, and print.)

Eliot Marshall
Mike Diamond
Meredith McNerney

To get represented by TCAA, contact Talent Concierge® Artists Agency today.

Questions You Might Be Asking

TCAA is not a traditional Speakers Bureau. We are a boutique artists agency that cares about our people delivering a personal approach. We provide excellent brand management to enhance your brand: YOU are the BRAND®.

Our discovery, diagnose, design process begins with an assessment, a reality check. Your brand is your promise wrapped in an experience. From there, we begin the process of building your evergreen business. Procuring speaking opportunities, brand endorsements, public appearances, and many other opportunities to heighten your influence in this market.

Talent Concierge® follows a discovery, diagnose, design, and deliver methodology. The first step in our engagement begins with a Strategic Vision activity led by our CEO, Jeff Pheiff. Before we introduce you to international planners, the onboarding process will take time and work. These are critical components of our brand promise and the framework for creating a positive experience at every essential touchpoint.

Our founder, Connie Pheiff, is a genius in branding, media, and marketing. She knows what it takes to be seen in this highly competitive industry. She will review your material and facilitate the design and development with our Chief Community Officer.

Updates are necessary to create a brand that exceeds industry standards. You will have a choice of hiring the TCAA production team or working with another group of your choosing, but the quality of work must meet our standards. Other services are available such as strategy, publisher pitch, and promotions of specific campaigns such as launching a book, movie, etc.

Talent Concierge® follows a discovery, diagnose, design, and deliver methodology. The first step in our engagement begins with a Strategic Vision activity led by our CEO, Jeff Pheiff. Before we introduce you to international planners, the onboarding process will take time and work. These are critical components of our brand promise and the framework for creating a positive experience at every essential touchpoint.

Before booking happens, we work together to develop your business, reviewing your high-ticket programs. Speaking is the tool to attract new customers to your programs. This is where we work with you to create million-dollar results. We first get clear on your brand, marketing collateral, and message. The development process is estimated to take 45-90 days.

Obviously, there is no way to determine exactly how many engagements we will be able to book in a year. We would love to give some BIG numbers, but we are realistic with you about managing expectations. Our monthly average is two solid engagements, some months, you could expect to be booked heavy, and other months booking is light. We are a partnership; in addition to the agency’s connections and contact list, we also look to our Talent to work closely with your agent to identify opportunities and introductions.

We work with our general population of clients to scale their earnings to over $20K+ per engagement. We have Talent with fees over six-figures. Many variables dictate the fees we get for our talent.

Everything is negotiable. This percentage goes directly to our agents. Allowing for adequate resources to get our Talent booked and busy. Booking engagements take time from building relationships with event planners, research, submissions, and closing the deal. We also manage all the contracts and monies collected and paid to our Talent. The average industry rate is 25-38%. We feel that 25% is a fair number.

We have high standards and will get a bit demanding with our expectations from our Talent and meeting professionals. If we don’t like something, we will call it out, and we are not afraid to crush egos to let someone go that is not performing to our standards. This includes the quality of the brand/marketing collateral and message impact.

We will ask our Talent to complete an evaluation after each opportunity, and the same for the meeting professional and the agency talent acquisition team. This allows us to monitor the quality of deliverables we provide the meeting professional, maintaining our excellent relationships with our Talent and meeting organizers.

Possibly! We would love to speak with you if you’re someone with a strong brand who acknowledges the need for Concierge systems to help you grow your gig business quickly.

The thing about TCAA is that we don’t help launch brands. We are a Talent Management Agency working with those who have already been in the trenches, have walked through the muck, and have a need to work with an agency where your whole business is under one management system. You know where you want to go; we get you there.

You will be happy to know it is included. The MOT Boardroom is a virtual online programming resource where we showcase you and your high-ticket programs. We only make money when someone purchases your program through our portal- and then you receive 30% of the proceeds.

No, the fee must be paid by you. This allows us to do our best work for you. It also says you are fully committed to the process.

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. When you are partnered with a Talent Agent, they will work with you to nurture all past, present, and future relationships.

We will complete the initial onboarding process, but brand management is never done. Regardless of the program you choose, you have lifetime support access to your team. Ongoing access to group mentors, content, and community.

Our support is designed to point you in the right direction or solve matters that get in the way. Suppose you need support outside our agreement, such as creating a book launch campaign, personalized business coaching, or enhanced media reach working with our publicist. In that case, we have separate pricing packages we can discuss with you.

Yes, we do. We are always open to establishing partnerships with service providers to help you achieve your goals. We currently have relationships with publishing houses (traditional and hybrid), numerous speaker bureaus, and providers such as eSpeakers and All American Entertainment (AAE).

For the first 45 days, we will be working closely with you. Expect 2-3 hours per week. We will work as quickly as you allow us to set you up in our systems. Thereafter, we have weekly group mentor calls, open Zoom calls – Office Hours… each is an opportunity for you to ask questions as you continue to scale your business. Your Talent Agent will also want to get to know you.

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