CPS Show Interviews

Rhiannon Rees - Connie Pheiff Show

When you harness the mind you can create magic in moments instead of miles with Rhiannon Rees

Today’s guest is a ‘gamechanger’. A #1 best-selling author. Named as the #1 business and performance coach and keynote speaker....
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Jed-Ayres (1)

How to be your own boss in a remote world with Jed Ayres

In an industry where tech companies barely survive 5 years, IGEL has made a mark for itself as the exception. This small...
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Philanthropist on a Mission to Conquer Depression with Audrey Gruss

Today’s guest – where do I begin. Her philanthropic efforts have both a U.S. and International dimension raising millions...
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Conquer Crisis, Train like a Triathlete, Body + Mind + Business with Jill Tupper

Keynote Speaker. Leadership Innovator. And Executive Coach teaches us how to get InSINC with our body, mind, and business. You...
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